Digital Transformation to Ensure Student Success

RTM Higher Education CIO Congress

This “Think Tank” congress is an invitation-only, exclusive opportunity for IT leaders who are committed to transforming Higher Education. As Universities and Community Colleges strive to digitally-enable their campuses, accommodate the expectations of Faculty and tech-savvy students and devise new strategies for recruitment, enrollment, and retention, technology will be ubiquitous and ever pervasive.

The RTM Higher Education CIO Congress is a premier gathering for CIOs, CTOs, Chief Innovation Officers and CISOs from institutions across the country who are looking to collaborate and understand the possibilities inherent in recent IT shifts. Mitigating risk in the face of significant change becomes central to the success of a new initiative, regardless of whether the University is aiming at modernizing the infrastructure, managing BYOD strategies, providing better IT support or adopting new teaching and learning tools.

As new platforms and cloud-based software become available, it is less costly to digitally-enable every process, and the ramifications must be considered. Data capture must be governed by student privacy parameters. These changes, if not thoroughly examined, can expose student data and introduce operational risks. CIOs are in the position to help each other consider and prevent certain issues and recommend strategies to their peers who are leading new projects.

Long-term funding must be in place to support new implementations. Industry influencers have the power to gather and look at new funding models and cooperative buying agreements that allow every institution to take advantage of new technologies.

The Unique Blend

A Unique Blend

Is your institution open to embracing change? How are you preparing for the increasingly growing amount of devices connected to your network and the Internet-of-things’ adoption? Are the policies and job descriptions across your campus evolving to reflect these changes? How do we assess interoperability and ensure that some of our systems do not hinder the functionality of others?

It is a crucial time for leaders look to their peers to share best practices and models of excellence. The RTM Higher Education Congress' unique blend of Strategy Sessions, Keynote Panels, Collaborative Roundtables and Private Business Meetings are conducive to addressing points to ponder, openly debating controversial issues and taking away ideas that can be put into action. Every conversation, strategic discussion and technology purchase should culminate in an attainable vision for student achievement. We strive to work with and listen to our Delegates and partners to make that vision a reality.

Past Keynote Speakers

RTM has had the honor of welcoming some of the most innovative leaders and industry influencers in education at our past events, including:

Dr. Yong Zhao
Dr. Yong Zhao

Expert on Globalization and Education

Richard Culatta
Richard Culatta

Chief Innovation Officer,
State of Rhode Island

Joseph South
Joseph South

Director of the Office of Educational Technology,
U.S. Dept of Education

Phil Ventimiglia
Phil Ventimiglia

Chief Innovation Officer,
Georgia State University

Dr. Steve Riter
Dr. Steve Riter

Vice President, Information Resources & Planning,
University of Texas at El Paso

Our Commitments to you Include

Maximized Networking Opportunities

Exclusive Qualified Attendance – In order to facilitate the most optimal networking and meeting opportunities, participation is invitation only and strictly limited to Senior-Level Administrators and Executives.

Exclusive Qualified Attendance

In order to facilitate the most optimal networking and meeting opportunities, participation is invitation only and strictly limited to Senior-Level Administrators and Executives.

A Personal, Customized Itinerary

Participants customize their schedule by selecting from various sessions, tracks and 1-to-1 meetings that align specifically with their business needs and goals.

Return On Time and Objective

Your time and the objectives you have set are our top priority. The Congress will facilitate the right meetings and introductions to ensure your time out of office is being justified with real value

"It is a unique conference. Joining CIOs with other academic and administrative leaders is an excellent way to highlight great collaborations that lead to higher education outcomes we are all looking to achieve. It is great food for thought to help bring strategies home to assist our institution to achieve those outcomes."

Sean Moriarty

Chief Technology Officer,
SUNY at Oswego

"In just 2 days, you get all the benefits of a weeklong conference without having to spend a week out of the office…I would highly recommend attending."

Phil Ventimiglia

Chief Innovation Officer,
Georgia State University (GA)

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